Wednesday, 27 January 2010

24 Hour Ad Challenge

In November last year, myself and my creative partner Vicky were selected to take part in the 24 Hour Ad Challenge, sponsored by HYP TV and MC Saatchi. We were one of only 20 creative teams selected from across the country, which was a great confidence boost. We were teamed up with a 3 man film team from the London area, who called themselves Firefly productions. Here is their website:

We spent the weekend in and around London not getting much sleep and meeting some very strange people. However, we definitely learned some interesting lessons...

Lesson 1: Do not lose the creative control eg. our film team seemed to consider 'making things look pretty' was the main priority in an advertising competition.

Lesson 2: People who do not study or work in advertising, do not understand advertising.

Lesson 3: Ask when you need help or advice as no one will volunteer the right answers.

We held our own amongst teams that were A LOT older and more experienced than us. This was an invaluable opportunity that will probably never be repeated and it has definitely toughened us up a bit. If something like this was offered to us again I would advise everyone to apply (as I know a lot of people put it off and forgot about it). In an industry that doesn't seem to have many female creatives, experience is everything.

I am now sick of eating pie, I have therefore generously donated the remains to my creative partner Vicky, for her personal consumption.

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