Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Rory Sutherland

The famous Rory Sutherland of IPA and Ogilvy fame gave a lecture to my course (Creative Advertising) on the 10th of Feb to talk to us about consumer behaviour and economics. It was really very interesting - In fact it was SO interesting that I couldn't write down notes fast enough because I was trying to concentrate too hard. However, I've manage to write down a few interesting points:

John Kay is releasing a new book (that you can pre-order now) called 'Obliquity', which is basically another way of looking at creativity and how we should think about all the other oblique ways to skin a cat.

One of the main reasons behind the Smash martians' advertising success was because audiences were seduced by the funny, likeable aliens and weren't conscious to the hard sell.

He went on to remind us that people like animals more than humans - especially in the UK. We can't judge animals, they're innocent. So people will always prefer a non-human ad.

He told us lots more:
The difference between caravans and yachts

Why banks have marble pillars

The value of seduction over force

The downfall of web design/internet advertising

How to sell coach travel

To stop my rambling, here is another of his great lectures for TED:

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