Monday, 26 April 2010

Death By Doritos

Vicky and I are currently editing our Doritos ad. This is involving A LOT of rendering and trying to master After Effects and Premier. You may have heard about the competition. Lets hope we win £200k ! We decided we might as well have a got at it as we're filming our self promotional film at right now as well - kill two birds with one stone and all that...

Our filming involved a lot of broken crisps and me getting my hands covered in 'Mild Salsa' dip, yum. We will of course upload it to this blog when the deadline has passed for everyone to see, along with our self-promo which is onto its 5th re-shoot!

Everyone on our course is making a self promo film and they will all be shown on our final show preview night, back to back, in the Lincoln Odeon, how very glamorous. We're hoping that ours will be a little bit different to everyone else's, but we'll have to wait and see.

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