Friday, 17 September 2010

Our First Placement

Week one of our placement at Muirhoward is now complete. We've managed to get a few of our Deloitte ideas picked for the next campaign, not sure whether the client likes them yet but will continue to update you all.

Here is some of Muirhoward's past work on Deloitte:

We've been working mainly on financial/banking type briefs, which aren't the most exciting products to advertise but are nonetheless, live briefs.

We are conveniently situated between some of the finest sandwich establishments in Farringdon. This is not good for our finances and definately not good for our health.

After just four days of our two week placement we have been asked to stay on for a further two months! That means they want us here until the end of November!

We may have to get ourselves some Ben's Cookies in celebration.

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