Monday, 1 November 2010

Michael Fish Could Win £££'s

After reading an excellent blog post about The Big Kick's most recent promotion I have decide to create my own bloggy tribute.

Everytime you buy a promotional pack of Walkers crisps you can play 'Walkers Rainy Days'. Simply choose a square on a map of the UK, a date and a time of day when you think it is most likely to rain. If it does, you've won £10!

A really simple mechanic, and very well executed too.

Walkers crisps are made from British potatoes. British potatoes love the rain. Job done.

Also, if you fail to win a tenner. You can use your pack code to earn you discounts on things like bowling and pub food - great things to do on a rainy day!

In conclusion, well done The Big Kick for such an innovative marketing idea!


AMV did a nice job on their T.V. ad for the promotion too, love a bit of Footloose.

Check out all the details on


I have just realised that I have completely overused the exclamation mark throughout this report... !

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