Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lovefilm Kettle Chips Competition

This competition has driven me CRAZY over the last week, but thanks to a little help from Twitter and Facebook (thank God for social networking) I have found all the 60 film titles within this picture...

Now to help everyone else, below is an image with ALL the clues numbered. Therefore you can know whether that annoying alarm bell is one and if that 'kick me' sign is...

I am not going to publish my list of films as 1. It's cheating and 2. Kettle Chips probably won't appreciate it much. But, if you need a hint, comment below :)


  1. I have got 4 to go and it's driving me crazy too. Am determined to get them all though!! Dani x

  2. Good luck, let me know if you need any help. I think most of them are up on the Kettle Chips Facebook wall now... x

  3. Whats the man 35? its making me cry, i can sleep until i know GAH :C

  4. Hiya i only got 5 more left and im really struggling i have no idea wat 31 32 33 60 and 23 are any help would be greatly appreciated

  5. 23. The Deer Hunter
    31. Rocky
    32. Zodiac
    33. Goldeneye
    60. 300

    Hope you finish it & thanks for commenting! x