Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I just don't know what to do with myself....

Well D&AD New Blood is packed up and over...

It was good fun while it lasted. We also managed to squeeze in a workshop at a digital agency called R/GA. They set us a brief to advertise a new bubbly chocolate bar called 'Mars Bubbles' and find an idea that could be used across all media. T'was really informative so we'll probably pop back for a book crit. Was also really interesting to see work from other teams in the same position we are.

We also fitted in book crits with Adam & Eve, Dare and Ogilvy. The consensus seemed to be that there are no placements left in London this summer, but we will keep trying! They all gave us some great feedback and were really encouraging about the future.

Vicky and I have now parted for a few weeks to get some more work done, and hopefully earn a bit of money as I am currently the poorest I have ever been, ever. I would ideally love a bit of work at a local agency to tide me over and get some experience. But for now I am unemployed and in and out of the local job centre, how lovely.

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