Monday, 5 July 2010

Gis a job.

According to the latest figures (and the BBC new website) graduate unemployment has risen by 25%. Although, thankfully for me, more women than men seem to be getting their first graduate job. Unfortunately for me, I am still unemployed. This is the longest I have gone without working since I started my first job at 15.

I have had to visit my local Jobcentre and try and explain to a very bewildered man what a 'creative' is and how they don't advertise on the jobseekers website for vacancies. The Jobcentre thinks I should work at a new store opening in St Albans - Poundworld. Enough said.

Although all I want is a placement at a top 20 London advertising agency, I am realistic. My overdraft is the size of a small country and to be honest, I lose a little more self-respect everytime I have to ask my mother for a bus fare. I need a part-time job to tide me over. Something easy, like retail or admin that I can work around my portfolio homework. Ideally I would love a summer job at a local agency, but they don't seem to like replying to e-mails. Perhaps I should send them some cakes.....

After handing out multiple CVs and talking to various managers I have realised that as soon as these businesses hear the word 'graduate' they run a mile. They don't want some over-qualified, self-important student who will desert them at the hint of a decent job. No, they want a spotty 16-year-old who'll stay with them for 4 years on minimum wage because they don't know any better.

There was an article in this weeks Sunday Times Magazine explaining this graduate plight:

"The only jobs they've (the Jobcentre) got are office, shops or bar work - those kind of jobs don't like taking on graduates; they know as soon as a graduate gets a better offer, they'll leave. So they'd rather take someone less qualified who'll stay."

"...How frustrating it is to come out of college with a degree and huge debts and get turned down for jobs they could have walked into at 16."

To conclude, know anyone who can give me a job?

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