Friday, 23 July 2010

The Big Kick

I have finally found some employment!

A lovely and local marketing and communications agency has let me man their reception for a few weeks. They're called The Big Kick ( and they produce lots of promotional marketing for brands like Walkers crisps, Nestle, Branstons etc...

They also have a very picturesque location - in the grounds of Hatfield House. This is the view if you drive in:

They also have a fantastic blog.

It is only temporary, but everyone is really friendly and it sort of gives me some industry experience. They're also really flexible about me going off for book crits, some of which took place this week (blog post to follow). My main duties include, answering the phones and responding to emails, but I also get to do a bit of PA type things, like booking people train tickets (exciting, I know). I'm hoping that someone will run in to reception saying something like "Help, this pitch is tomorrow and we just don't have any good ideas yet, oh where can we find a great creative at such short notice?!?!"...I think you can see where this is going. I imagine myself to be somewhat of a Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting character, or like those shoe-elves that come in during the night, etc...

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