Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A little update

I (Charlotte) am still guarding reception at The Big Kick in Hatfield. However, I seem to be picking up more and more interesting tasks. For example, today I'm creating a moodboard for a pitch (can't tell you who) we have next week. Not the most creative task I could be doing, but still a bit more exciting than answering a phone.

I've also been ordering fun things like novelty phones and fancy light boxes for the creative department. If I wasn't so set on following the path to advertising creativity I could definately be persuaded to do this kind of job permanently

Also managed to get our portfolio looked at by one of the two Creative Directors who said something along the lines of, "Your book is really nice and simple, I'm probably going to steal that Robinsons idea". So that's positive. I'm still trying to corner the other Creative Director as everyone is so busy for the upcoming pitch (still not telling who the client).

In other news we have reworked our book a wee bit and given it in to The Cream Awards 2010 at The Talent Business, so fingers crossed for that. As far as I'm aware, the chosen few are given the chance to take part in a New Bloodesque show that is seen by industry types.

I also won a t-shirt from the wonderful Hello You Creatives. This was after a pun competition. My winning entry was:

Two peanuts walk into a bar. One was a salted.

Here is the offending article. It is very comfortable and so far I have been wearing it to watch telly and play Angry Birds. If you're not already following HYC on Facebook or Twitter then I suggest you do so. They're always posting interesting portfolios and opportunities.

And now for the exciting news:

Vicky and I have been selected for a 2 week work placement at Muirhoward. This was fantastic news as we really liked the Creative Director and loved some of Muirhoward's previous work. We don't start until the 13th of September, so the excitement will gradually become unbearable while we wait a whole month.

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