Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Round 2

On Monday and Tuesday we spent some more time daaahhnn in Landan for a few book crits. We began the week with a meeting at CHI & Partners. Although they don't offer placements the guys we saw were really positive about our book and gave us some great ideas to push our work further. The meeting was slightly tarred by the fact that I ordered a 'Cup of tea' from their coffee shop, only to receive a cappuccino. I was too embarrassed to say anything and proceeded to sip disgusting coffee throughout the book crit (silly me).

We then made our way to Farringdon to meet with the CEO of a start-up agency called London Advertising - He seemed to like our ideas but picked us up a few times on presentation, which was odd as CHI had said: "wow, your book is so much neater than mine was". However, he did say he would like to see us again and that he found our book interesting.

After a short trip to Spaghetti House (yum), Vicky and I made our way to Saatchi & Saatchi. Through some very posh steel doors where we were told to wait in the very clean reception area, we were given clip on name badges, which we attached while looking at a wall stacked with yellow and black pencils.

We were taken upstairs to the creative department by Jonathan (his partner was away). He took a long time going through our book and getting us to talk about our work, while giving us some very useful tips and advice on how to get more from our ideas. He seemed to pick up on some obvious ideas that we hadn't ever thought of and gave us a very long to-do list to complete for next time. He said he'd love to see us again as he thought our ideas were great and he wanted to help us get better !

The next day we visited our first all-digital agency, AKQA. We were taken into the canteen for our book crit and had a really funny chat with the team. They went through every campaign, even though not all of them were digital and told us it would be great if we could come up with something digital for all our briefs. This all took place while about 20 people were singing happy birthday to a colleague next to us.

They gave us ways to improve and some really interesting thoughts on digital. When you should use certian social networking sites, how you should use them, getting the right tone of voice, etc... They were so friendly that they actually thanked us for finding the time to see them! We'll definately be going back to see them.

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