Sunday, 28 March 2010

Vix & Ric

So we had a team from DDB talk to us (3rd year creative advertising) yesterday. Vix and Ric. Vix was one of the first students to graduate from our course, back when it was called Advertising Art direction.

They're so famous, I found them on Google images!

They gave us a really interesting talk about the sort of things they did wrong and what they did right. They also showed us a couple of examples from their original book. They highlighted the importance of digital and having just a conceptual idea for an event or stunt instead of a couple of billboards.

They also showed us an ad that they had done for Esso Optiplus - The oil that heats your house...

A really simple ad that is nicely executed through illustration.

Vicky and I will hopefully get a chance to meet them on Tuesday as we are daaahhhn in Laandan for book crits anyway (a blog post shall explain soon).

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